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Client 3 – Large Family Photo Collection:
I attended the clients address in Surrey.  Upon arrival I scanned 500 photos and loaded the images on to a digital photo frame that was to be a gift for the client’s mother that evening. I then took away the two plastic crates containing the rest of the family’s photo collection and unpacked; scanned; and repacked the images at our lab.  Finally I scanned a further 1,000 photos that a family member had brought round to be scanned when I returned the plastic crates.
Client 4 – Sensitive Research Papers:
I collected a large box of slides, photos & research papers from an academic at a research institute in Berkshire.  I scanned the materials at our lab; labelled each scan and arranged the images into folders; repaired deterioration that had occurred to some of the images, and returned the newly digitised original materials.

New Photo Albums. Some photo albums cannot be reused.  I noticed that it is not easy to find good alNew Photo Albumsbums anymore so I bought a bulk order of quality photo albums to pass on to clients cheaply.  The new albums are most often used where a client has borrowed materials from an elderly relative and has promised to return the photos in good order.  The albums look like this: