Prices are pretty much the same as the one or two other competent service providers out there. The difference is I collect the materials in person, unpack albums, and enhance the images to the best of my ability.

Please don’t count your photos! Life’s too short. Kindly call 07800 63 44 64 and describe your collection. If you tell me how many shoeboxes; crates; suitcases; or carrier bags of materials you have and how old they are, I will have a good idea how long it will take, and hence what the price will be. Or simply ask me to visit one evening to make an assessment.

  • Scan Van Visit.  Pre-booked. Includes the 1st set of standard loose photos* (+ any mileage charges)…..£89.
  • Additional 8 GB Memory Stick.  …£10.  (1st memory stick is included in the initial fee).
  • Extra DVD Data Disk. (1st set of 4 DVD disks are free and in reality I rarely charge for extra disks as I want as many people as possible to enjoy the photos)…£2.
  • 35mm Slides or Negatives…£10 for a standard box.  But discounts for bulk orders.  Please contact.
  • Video Tape to DVD: (Same price for VHS, Betamax & Camcorder Tapes. All formats covered except U-matic & V2000): …£10.

It’s a small operation with no VAT to pay. If I was VAT registered prices would automaticaly be 20% higher.


* Prices relate to “loose” photos (i.e. not in albums or frames or mounted with any sort of backing or glue) of a normal size (no larger than A4 and no smaller than 5cm square (approx half a credit card)) and scanned at 600 DPI or above. Very small/large/unusual materials or special requests may take longer so may incur additional charges based on time spent. Unpacking albums, organising materials and running errands (e.g. obtaining photo prints) incur additional charges based on time spent.  Parking fees & congestion charge not included.