Bereaved Siblings – Elderly Parents Photos.

Bereaved Siblings – Elderly Parents Photos

The death of an elderly parent is a common trigger event for calling me in.  In the past photo collections would be divided up between the siblings, or held by one person, often causing tension in the family. But now everyone can have a copy of every photo.  Normally the siblings take a bit out money out of the house sale to cover the cost.

I met with the family at the deceased mother’s house in Oxfordshire. Picked up the materials and took them back to my lab for assessment and then sent a quotation. The siblings discussed the matter and told me to proceed.  As usual they took some money out of the house sale to cover the bill. I converted all of the materials and prepared 20 memory sticks to be distributed among the family members and then returned the originals to the nominated custodian.

Waghorn Collection (2)