Photo Scanning Service at Events.

Please contact us if you would like the Scan Van to come to your workplace/school/nursing home/camera club/village hall/reunion event etc.
Case Study – Forces Reunion Event.

The Scan Van recently attended a forces reunion event for servicemen who had served at a particular station abroad at a particular time.  The members gave their old photos to Scan Van staff at the start of the day.  We placed the photos in carefully labelled envelopes, so the photos would not be mixed up.  We then scanned the photos through the course of the day and enhanced & restored the scans, as many of the prints had deteriorated over the years.  We later returned the original photos to their owners along with a DVD containing digital images of, not only their own photos, but the hundreds of photos taken by all of the servicemen who had served on the base at that time.  The servicemen were very pleased to share their photos with their comrades.