On Site Document Scanning.

The Scan Van can come to your business premises and archive your business documents on site.  Simply hand over your loose papers; files; or comb bound documents.  I will unpack them…scan them to PDFs….and repack them quickly and efficiently using high speed equipment.
  • Sensitive documents can remain on site.
  • Documents cannot become lost or delayed in transit.
  • I do not need to come in to your office, will but remain outside in the van.
  • Time is saved as the documents do not have to be transported to and from a separate facility.
  • Your staff can concentrate on their own jobs.
  • You will save money.  You will not have to buy a high-speed scanner and will not lose man hours while your staff work out how to use it.
  • Prices start at only £89.


Confidentiality is assured.  It is perfectly normal for sensitive materials and multi-million pound contracts to be handled for corporate clients.  I am happy to participate in any internal vetting process and to enter into Non Disclosure Agreements with clients.